Small dog breeds are some of the most popular social pets. They seem to thrive in diverse settings whether in the city or suburb environment. Taking care of your pet does mean considering a range of things. This is one of the reasons to look at the best dog food for yorkie pet health. Although there are many products in this category on the market, they are not all the same.

Foods that are best for large dog breeds will not be appropriate for smaller dogs. Yorkies are well known for their personalities and size. They are often described as being quite lively pets. This is why purchasing the right supplies is essential to their growth. You want foods and snacks that will help them to continue being the dogs you enjoy.

Monitor Calorie Counts

Yorkies are a feisty dog breed that can range in size physically. On average these dogs are between 4 and 6 pounds. The same litter of dogs, however, may have members that get up to 12 pounds. Experts say that these pets should have between 45 – 55 calories per pound of body weight daily. As you evaluate specific dog food products, you will need to monitor calorie counts per serving.

Maintain Feeding Schedules

Pet owners of these dogs report that they can be very picky eaters. This could be associated with different food brands. One of the things to remember about yorkies is stomach sizes. They have smaller stomachs to accommodate. If they are fed too much, or too often, these dog breeds can become sick. One way to avoid these issues is to maintain a consistent feeding schedule.

Choose Good Ingredients

The ingredients of a dog food are instrumental when it comes to pet health. Protein is one of the key ingredients to look for when you compare products. Some brands offer chicken, turkey, lamb, fish and beef as the primary protein. It is also possible to purchase dog foods with a combination of more than one of these ingredients. Corn and soy are generally not recommended for these products.

Enhance Dog’s Coat

best dog food for yorkie

There are dog food ingredients that are focused on physical health. Others tend to promote the outward appearance of the pet. The coat of these dog breeds is a part of what makes them stand out. Fish oil ingredients can work to enhance the coat. Tailoring to the dog specifically will ensure the look and feel of health.

Some pet owners are interested in adding to their families with a new yorkie. Those with other breeds must consider the differences that exist. This will factor into not only the treatment of pets. It will impact the foods, toys, apparel and other items that you purchase. Most small dogs only need to eat once per day.

With this type of schedule, the quality of the food matters. Comparing brands and similar products is the best way to find foods. The internet has become an effective tool for these projects.

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